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Mobile Programming

Teacher Guillaume Gonzales

This course will follow the Web Programming course and will focus on three aspects of mobile programming: the first will focus on the development part of iOS.
The main objective will be to give all the necessary bases to develop a fully functional iOS application (iPhone & iPad). This part will cover both iOS languages (Objective-C and Swift). At the end, the student will be able to produce an application using user interfaces, databases, network calls (API) and data management (JSON).

Following the same scheme, the second part will cover the Android development part. In this part, the two Android languages will be covered (Java and Kotlin) as well as all the basics needed to build the same application.

Finally, the last aspect will cover the hybrid development part. In this one, we will take a quick look at the Google Flutter framework. It is a direct competitor of React Native. Along the basics, we will also cover the Dart language used by it. 

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