Since the beginning, we have been committed to offering innovative training courses that allow students to have an academic background in line with the demands of the IT job market, and professionals to deepen their knowledge by learning to adapt to digital change. The IT sector is in perpetual movement, professionals come from different branches but all share the same goal: to become an expert and know how to work with the latest technologies.

The programs offered are in partnership with different universities. Please find below the admission process for each of them:


GRADEO does not necessarily require a Master's level academic background to be eligible, you just need to have the prerequisite knowledge for the GRADEO you wish to follow. Registration is therefore immediate.

  • 1. Choose the GRADEO you want to pursue
  • 2. Fill in the registration form
  • 3. Pay the training fee to register and receive your login details for the learning platforms within 48 hours


To follow the training over 1 year: Have a Master 1 or Bachelor (4 years) in Computer Science and/or justify several years of experience in the field.

  • 1. Please create an account by clicking on Enroll now
  • 2. Fill in the application form and apply
  • 3. If you are accepted, we will contact you in order to send you a document indicating the procedure to follow in order to finalize your registration. In case you are refused, we will send you a refusal letter by email.